Here you can find useful links to organisations around the world.

Key Organisations

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership – encouraging corporate responsibility by providing information on seafood sourcing and helping business improve their supply chain

Marine Stewardship Council – certifying sustainable seafood, promoting traceability and setting standards

Aquaculture Stewardship Council – recently launched organisation that aims to transform aquaculture towards environmental sustainability, with certification scheme

Seafood Choices – helping the seafood industry move towards sustainability

Fish2Fork – a guide to restaurants’ sustainability in relation to their fish sourcing and environmental awareness

Sustainable Seafood Coalition – cross industry organisation working to improve seafood sustainability, that recently developed a voluntary Code of Conduct for retailers

For consumers; What can I eat and when?

Good Fish Guide – UK seafood guide, produced by the Marine Conservation Society

Seafood Watch – North American seafood guide, produced by the Monterey Bay Aquarium

WWF Seafood Guide – List includes guides for a variety of countries in multiple languages

EDF Seafood Selector – North American and Canadian simple guide with added information

For seafood buyers

FishOnline – UK guide for seafood buyers, produced by the Marine Conservation Society

Green Chefs/Blue Ocean – free online interactive course and sustainable seafood training program for chefs

Fish Source – a resource created by SFP about the status of fish stocks and fisheries, for industry


Fish Update – a UK centric site with aquaculture, wild capture and industry sections

The Fish Site – global fisheries and aquaculture news, including opinion pieces

Seafood Source – industry centric news site

The Aquaculturists – blog as part of the International Aquafeed magazine

Science Daily – the latest scientific research from the ocean

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