Emma McLaren has been interviewed on sustainable seafood topics including fisheries management, market-based sustainable seafood initiatives and aquaculture management. Her knowledge base encompasses the important food elements to sustainable seafood as well as balancing the environmental and social considerations to fisheries and aquaculture operations across the world. Emma does not take an advocacy role on any of the following topics, instead she provides a balanced and informed dialogue on truly controversial subjects.

Here are some questions Emma can answer, but is not limited to:

Market-Based Solutions:
1. What are ecolabels and how do they benefit the sustainable seafood movement?
2. What are the challenges associated with certification schemes?
3. What differentiates the certification schemes currently on the market?
4. How are aquaculture and wild fisheries labels different?
5. What are the standards behind the aquaculture certifications and how do they differ?
6. Who are the third party bodies in charge of the certification schemes?
1. What are some of the benefits to aquaculture operations in Canada?
2. What are the challenges with certain methods of aquaculture?
3. How do global aquaculture and North American aquaculture differ?
4. What are the most pressing topics in the current Salmon aquaculture debate?
5. Is aquaculture the answer to rising seafood demand and dwindling wild fish stocks?
6. How can certain aquaculture operations improve in the future?
7. What is organic aquaculture and how does it differ/compare to organic agriculture?
Fisheries Management:
1. What are Individual Transferable Quotas?
2. How are fisheries regulated in Canada?
3. Why is there so much controversy in fisheries management?
4. What are some of the bright-spots in Canadian fisheries?
Sustainable Seafood and you:
1. What can I do to feel more confident in my sustainable seafood choices?
2. What are the most important questions to ask my server or fish monger?
3. What is a Community Supported Fishery?
4. How do I implement a sustainable seafood program in my restaurant?
5. What small changes can I make in my purchasing behaviours to support sustainable seafood?

If you would like more information or to book Emma for an interview please fill out the form below. She can provide professional answers on many more topics than those above and welcomes the opportunity in both English and French.


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