Emma McLaren is the Director of Innovative Solutions Global for Buyer Engagement at Sustainable Fisheries Partnership. In that role, she works with current and future retail partners to help them develop and implement sustainable seafood policies and works with their supply chains to coordinate engagement in fishery and aquaculture improvement projects. Emma was also SeaWeb’s Manager of UK Projects. Emma supported communications and EU stakeholder engagement for the Sustaining Ethical Aquaculture Trade (SEAT) project, which investigated Asian seafood farming sustainability, and strategically lead the UK’s first community supported fisheries project Catchbox.

A graduate of Dalhousie University’s Master’s in Marine Management program, Emma’s approach to the sustainable seafood movement is both innovative and practical. While interning with WWF’s Aquaculture Dialogues and Sustainable Seafood Initiative in Washington D.C. and Toronto, she completed a literature review of aquaculture’s role in global food supply and the first-ever global comprehensive analysis of salmon aquaculture standards. Emma brings solid educational and industry-based experience to SFP, with an undergraduate degree from Queen’s University in International Relations and experience in socio-economic issues, fund and project development and in running her own sustainable seafood consultancy.

A native of Montreal, Canada, McLaren spends her leisure time exploring the world’s coastlines. An amateur videographer, master scuba diver and self-proclaimed food enthusiast, she delights in discussing all things Ocean and fish on the pier, in local markets with fishers and in seafood kitchens locally and in remote parts of the globe.



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